My life has changed so much over the last 6 – 7 years. I’ve had ups and downs and more ups and downs. I’m thankful for the hardship in my life because it has helped open my eyes to good. I think the most defining moment in my life happened several years ago. It was the moment I came to a realization that I was unconditionally loved by the Divine.

For many years I struggled to live my life a certain way … to follow all the rules … to achieve perfection. I felt my love had to be earned. I felt I needed to prove my worth. And then I had a paradigm shift. It changed my life.

True love is a gift. It is unconditional. It can’t be earned. It is freely given and it is meant to freely pass along. It is powerful enough to permeate the hardest of hearts. It is universally understood. It waits in all hearts to be discovered. It is the only force that can make us one.


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