Unfortunately, this time of the year has been rough. I really miss my family. Thanksgiving was difficult. None of my family bothered to call. It was very lonely. I’m hoping Christmas won’t feel so bad.

The holidays have come quickly. Things are beginning to slow down. I am going to enjoy the next couple of weeks with my own family. I plan to create some good memories for my kids.

We have decided to stay home this year … at our house. I want our kids to be in their own environment … to feel happy and loved. Sadly, when we are at the homes of relations, the children are often shooed into another room and often feel unwelcome. They are not allowed to touch this or that. They are only allowed to play in specific rooms. At home our children will be able to be themselves. They can feel comfortable in their own living room. At home they can be kids! Christmas day should be fun and carefree, especially for kids.

This year we are staying home.


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