I have written and rewritten post after post. In the end I have decided not to post any of the stuff I’ve written over the last week or so. I’ve been silent on here, but in my heart I have been aching and angry.

I am struggling with the emotions that arise whenever my family tries to push their religious views on others. Of course I am one of their targets. What they do not realize is that every time they push their brand of “God’s holiness” it just makes me want to run as far and as fast as my figurative feet can carry me.

I weep for them and their state of bondage. I long for them to be freed from the lies that they have chosen to believe. Oh why? Why does this hurt so deeply? I love them so dearly. They are out of my grasp. Only Divine Love can change their hearts. If only they would except the gift of love.

I’m angry at the pastors and teachers that are pushing fear and false grace to crowds of people hanging onto their every word. The sheep lead by wolves in sheeps clothing are suffering. They think they are doing what God wills, but they are the blind being lead by the blind. My soul weeps!

I take a breath … try not to let the destruction caused by the ego of those fearful, broken souls destroy me. I will not be ruined by them anymore. The wolves do not control me. I am not ruled by fear.

I have been loved unconditionally by the Divine and nothing, NOTHING can match that!


One thought on “Coming to lament

  1. this is beautiful. It’s so hard when we have family members who are lost but who care nothing about what we say. Good for you in recognizing that they do not have control over you anymore. That’s hard to get to, and I know for myself, especially, it is really hard not to fall back into old habits and let that affect me.

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